Bikers Gear Australia Flying Eagle Motorcycle Saddle Bag


BGA Flying Eagle Braided Motorcycle Saddle Bag

This Exclusive brand Embodies top Quality, Durability, Cutting Edge design and features.
Latest design.... supplied in all black upgrade with Quick-release Buckle.
They are made in strong good quality tek leather with 3 mm thickness and have a braided trim around the bags with flying eagle logo.
These are a throw over style bag and would compliment any cruiser bike great for that added storage on trips,
Bags are of each bag are Wide 15 inches at widest point, height 11 inches, Depth of bag is 5 inches.
TEK leather is a high durability, leather-like material. It is NOT Vinyl.
TEK Leather is designed specifically for the outdoors and for automotive applications, with a high level of utilization and element resistance.
TEK Leather much more durable, it looks like real leather.
TEK Leather can only be distinguished from real leather by touch and smell, never by appearance.

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